The First UK Renal Research Strategy

by Renal Secretariat | Apr 14, 2016

I am delighted to welcome the first UK Renal Research Strategy, launched today (14th April 2016).  It has been produced by a multi-stakeholder steering group ably led by our own Academic Vice-President, Fiona Karet. It takes a comprehensive look at UK renal research across the entire spectrum and describes 4 strategic aims that overarch a set of 13 recommendations to move us forward, with suggestions for their implementation. It is meant to be a starting, not an end point, since it is axiomatic that without research, human health cannot improve. Minister for Life Sciences George Freeman has warmly endorsed the Strategy and the Association looks forward to participating in its future developments.

This is available on the UKKRC webpage ( and in hard copy

Bruce Hendry 
Renal Association President 
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