Join the Renal Association!

We welcome everyone working or training in renal units, caring for patients with kidney disease, and/or working or training in renal research to improve patient care in the future. We also welcome clinicians in other fields who have an interest in nephrology to join us as members.

The Renal Association has led excellence in renal service delivery and research innovation in the UK since its inception. There has never been a more important time for strong clinical leadership than now. We live in times of major financial and workforce constraints within the NHS, with an expectation that we will deliver true 7- day consultant working, continuously improve care quality and patient safety as well as driving forward clinical and scientific research. The Renal Association recognises the fundamental importance of working with the multidisciplinary team members as equal partners to overcome these challenges. Strong clinical leadership by the Renal Association, involving all health professionals is critical for us to improve services. We must work together, develop service delivery models and share innovation and good practice as one community to overcome the challenges ahead whilst improving patient care.

The Renal Association has always provided strong leadership in informing clinical care and research. However, this requires everyone to contribute and the first step is for you to join the team!

By joining the Renal Association you will

  • Join a renal community of more than 1000 doctors, scientists and multidisciplinary team members throughout the UK
  • Have evidence of involvement to support appraisal and revalidation
  • Be able to add your voice to RA involvement in all aspects of local and national policy relating to clinical practice in nephrology
  • Be able to contribute to all aspects of local and national policy and activity relevant to training, education and research in renal-related medicine and renal science
  • Contribute to innovations in staffing models and the new hospital project
  • Receive monthly e-news bulletins highlighting key issues and future events
  • Receive safety updates relating to kidney patient care
  • Obtain discounted fees at the annual RA conference, which showcases the best of UK nephrology research and clinical practice
  • Benefit from the RA mentoring scheme for newly appointed consultants
  • Be able to join an email network of less than full time (LTFT) workers, to share good practice and ask for advice
  • Benefit from one year of free membership if you are a trainee or student
  • Contribute to service development and quality improvement projects
  • Support the UK Renal Registry as an exemplar of comparative audit and quality improvement
  • Access a developing repository of patient information and safety alerts
  • Contribute to Clinical Guidelines which are NICE badged
  • Register yourself on our Research Database, and access the expertise of other members
  • Help lead the development of Renal Service delivery and research
  • Contribute and respond to NICE Guidance in the areas of CKD, dialysis and transplantation

JOIN the British Association for Paediatric Nephrology (BAPN)

The BAPN was formed in 1972 and was originally a stand alone organisation. In the last decade it was felt that the BAPN would be able to develop paediatric nephrology and represent better the interests of children with renal disease with the support of the much larger organisation the UK Renal Association. The BAPN therefore became a division of the Renal Association in 2010.

BAPN members enjoy all the privileges of Renal Association membership. As a smaller community within the Renal Association, all members can feel a part of the association and there are always opportunities to play an active role.

The BAPN has historically been a medical organisation but as a part of the multi-professional Renal Association, membership is now open to other professionals working with children with kidney disease and we are keen to attract other members of the multi-disciplinary team to work with us to improve standards of care.

In addition to the Renal Association membership benefits, as a member of the BAPN, you would have the following benefits:

  • A separate e-bulletin from the BAPN, giving news of patient-care updates, research opportunities and notification of relevant forthcoming meetings
  • A free annual BAPN meeting in December
  • Reduced rate fees for Renal Association meetings
  • Have the opportunity to contribute to the development of guidelines, national policy and research development
  • Enjoy the support of a small, friendly community 

Costs for membership per annum are as follows (January 2015 onwards):




Membership Rate


Direct Debit Rate



Consultant nephrologist or paediatric nephrologist

Honorary consultant/senior lecturer/professor

Associate specialist





Consultant in related specialty

Consultant in AIM with renal interest; BAPN SPIN consultant





Non-consultant grade (NCG) Doctor

Staff grade /trust doctors

(Associate specialists are in category 1)





Clinical trainee

Includes clinical lecturers





GP with renal interest






Clinical trainees in related specialties

AIM trainees with a renal interest; BAPN paediatric SPIN trainees





Multi-disciplinary team member including UKRR staff

Nurse, dietitian, technician, UKRR or senior statistician or other MDT member





Overseas member

Includes ROI


£72 (B)

£67 (B)

D for overseas countries defined as low income
£16 (D) £12 (D)


Post-doctoral scientist

Non-clinical post-doc fellow or clinical lecturer





Pre-doctoral scientist

Non-clinical PhD student, graduate research assistant





Retired member

Retired colleagues of all categories (or not in employment for >3m)

Medical student member





Honorary member

By invitation only

No fee

No fee

No fee


Overseas membership:

Overseas membership of the Renal Association will be open to trainee or qualified nephrologists resident in low or middle income countries as defined by the World Bank.

Membership benefits will include all those enjoyed by full members except for voting rights. In addition, overseas members will be eligible to attend all conferences organised by the Renal Association at subsidised (non-consultant) rates.

We are pleased to offer one year’s Free Membership for 2015 if you are a:

  •  Nephrology and medical Trainees SpR or ST grade, or a clinical or Non Clinical PhD Student.
  • Free membership is only valid from 1st January 2015 until 31st December 2015.
  • Offer is subject to completion of a direct debit form for payment of 2016 membership
  • Offer is subject to completion of a membership application form
  • Applicants will receive full benefits of membership
  • This offer excludes existing or lapsed members of the Renal Association

**No longer actively working in a remunerated position in any field of medicine, surgery, research or investigation related to kidney disease.

Please note we do not accept American Express.

Membership applications are considered and officially ratified at the next Annual General Meeting, held during the main annual meeting of the Association, but as long as we receive payment with your form (direct debit is the preferred method), you can enjoy the benefits of membership as soon as we receive your application.

If you have any questions about membership please contact the secretariat - contact details


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