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Membership of the Renal Association requires a proposal from a current member, and submission of a curriculum vitae. From 2006 a proposer is not required for SpRs/STs who have been appointed to a national training number in nephrology.

To join please download the membership form and return with completed direct debit form - download from the foot of this page

*Please note that the information of Renal Association members is displayed for the benefit of information exchange within the renal environment. Members are requested not to abuse the information by using contact details for any marketing or sales advantage.  If you wish to contact the membership as a whole, please contact the secretariat or the Honorary Secretary.

Costs for membership per annum are as follows (January 2014 onwards):

 Membership Categories
 Rate 2014

Rate 2014

Rate if paying
by Direct Debit 2014 

Consultant, GP or Clinical Academic (Honorary Consultant)



Non Consultant Clinical-
Trainee, SpR/ST's, Staff Grade, Asociate Specialist, Clinical Lecturers or SHO



Paediatrician with an interest in Nephrology



Nurse, Professionals Allied to Medicine,Technician, Medical students, UKRR or Senior Statistician



Corresponding Member * (who will only receive email communications)



Retired *



Overseas *



Honorary members

 No Fee

 *NOT registered to practice medicine
Post doc or Non- Clinical Lecturer

Tenured Scientist

Non-Clinical PhD Students

Other Non-Clinical tenured









Overseas membership:

Overseas membership of the Renal Association will be open to trainee or qualified nephrologists resident in low or middle income countries as defined by the World Bank.

Membership benefits will include all those enjoyed by full members except for voting rights. In addition, overseas members will be eligible to attend all conferences organised by the Renal Association at subsidised (non-consultant) rates.

Free Membership

The Renal Association are pleased to offer one year’s free membership for 2014. Please see below to find a membership application form for completion.

Please could we ask that you read the terms and conditions below:

  • Free membership applies to Medical Trainees in Nephrology of SpR or ST grade, Medical Trainees (other), Non Clinical PhD Students, Clinical Trainees etc. only.
  • Free membership is only valid from 1st January 2014 until 31st December 2014.
  • Offer is subject to completion of a direct debit form for payment of 2015 membership
  • Offer is subject to completion of a membership application form
  • Applicants will receive full benefits of membership
  • This offer excludes existing or lapsed members of the Renal Association

**No longer activley working in a remunerated position in any field of medicine, surgery, research or investigation related to kidney disease.

Please note we do not accept American Express.

Membership applications are considered and officially ratified at the next Annual General Meeting, held during the main annual meeting of the Association.

As far as practical membership goes, as long as we receive payment with your form (direct debit is the preferred method), you can enjoy the benefits of membership as soon as we receive your application.

If you have any questions about membership please contact the secretariat - contact details


Membership Application Form 2014PDF280.05 KB Download
Free Membership Application Form 2014PDF345.46 KB Download
RA Payment methodsPDF49.43 KB Download
Direct debit formPDF128.19 KB Download



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