GFR and creatinine clearance calculators, 1/creat plots

Online calculators are available for eGFR (MDRD equation) but these are not as accurate as MDRD eGFR calculated in your local hospital. Nevertheless, see our eGFR calculator if you need to use one. Some older downloadable eGFR resources are available from our Archive page. More about eGFR.

Cockroft-Gault for Creatinine Clearance from weight, age and [creat] (SI units) from

Reciprocal creatinine plots the paper way - blank charts by Richard Phelps are available from the GFR page on the EdREN site.

Discussion groups

The best established medical discussion group(s) is/are the email group NEPHROL and its relatives.

The NEPHROL page also includes addresses for some patient-orientated groups, but these are inevitably North American in orientation. UK patients will usually feel more comfortable with the NKF Talkline discussion board at the UK National Kidney Federation site, or the Kidneypatientguide bulletin board


Atlas of renal pathology from the AJKD site


The British National Formulary. Click on the current edition (top of menu, BNF XX). Also has some calculators.

The Electronic Medicines Compendium includes the latest manufacturer's data sheet for every drug available in the UK. First login requires GMC number.

Drug dosing in renal failure - online version of 'Drug Prescribing in Renal Failure' from University of Louisville. Type in the name (US format, and not all drugs covered), go straight to the recommendation.

Useful pocket books on Dialysis of drugs and Drugs and PD can be downloaded as pdf files from the Nephrology Pharmacy Associates website.


Urine microscopy - this excellent resource is on the Italian Soc Nephology site - see credits there.

Vascular Access

The Institute of Healthcare Improvement - Vascular access site is looking very useful.

Additional Resources

As a general resource, and its links page are impressive

Please find attached the Renal Association Brand guidelines.

Please find attached the Renal Association slide deck for presentation use.

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