Guideline Committee

The RA Guidelines Committee comprises a Chair, a manager, a patient representative and up to four other RA members. These RA members will usually include an executive committee member, an SpR, and a non-medical member of the renal multidisciplinary team.

Current Committee Members

Dr Jennifer Adam (SpR Rep)
Dr Richard Borrows (RA Member)
Dr James Burton (RA Member)
Ms Melanie Dillon (Committee Manager)
Dr Andy Lewington (Chair)
Dr Mike Robson (Vice-Chair)
Mr William Withers (Patient Rep)

Roles and Responsibilities

  • To consider and suggest which RA guidelines should continue to be produced and which new ones should be commissioned, taking into account feedback from RA members and existing guidelines from other organisations. These recommendations will be ratified by the Clinical Affairs Board, as specified in the guideline development manual.
  •  To decide which authors should be invited to produce guidelines, after inviting expressions of interest, and ensuring that the composition of the guideline development group is as specified in the guideline development manual.
  •  To monitor the progress of the draft guidelines to ensure they stay within the timelines specified in the guideline development manual. 
  • To ensure that guidelines are produced according to the processes detailed in the guideline development manual. 
  • To oversee the external review of draft guidelines as specified in the guideline development manual.



Clinical Practice Guideline Development Manual 

Conflict of Interest Policy

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