The Osman Lecture

The Osman Lecture of the Renal Association was endowed by Mrs Ruth Osman, widow of Dr. Arnold Osman, who was a founding member and the first President of the Renal Association who died in 1972.

The Osman Lecture  is   given at   the Renal Association   Annual Conference. It has been  delivered by a distinguished series of UK and international nephrologists and renal scientists.

Osman lectures
1975 David Baldwin (USA) – Post-streptococcal glomerulonephritis and the end stage kidney
1977 David Kerr (UK) – Renal bone disease: the effects of dialysis and transplantation
1979 Jonas Bergstrom (Sweden) – Uraemic toxicity
1981 Hugh de Wardener (UK) – Naturiuretic hormone
1984 Robert Schrier (USA) – The cell biology of ichaemia
1985 Netar Mallick (UK) – Sapient glomerulopathies, or how far since Ellis?
1987 Philip Hoedemaeker (Netherlands) – New developments in experimental glomerulonephritis
1990 Andrew Rees (UK) – Rapidly progressive glomerulonephritis: from pathogenesis to treatment
1991-4 No lecturers appointed
1995 Gerry Coles (UK) – CAPD – a critique
1997 Robert Lechler (UK) – Overcoming the obstacle to successful long-term transplantation
1999 Nick Hastie (UK) – Wilm’s tumour – a case of abnormal nephrogenesis: multiple roles for the Wilm’s tumour suppressor WT1
2001 Norbert Lamiere (Belgium) – Disaster nephrology

Jeffrey Platt (USA) – New insights into autoimmunity

2005 No lecturers appointed
2006 Peter Mathieson (UK) - Focal segmental glomerulosclerosis
2007 No lecturers appointed
2008 Juergen Floege (Germany) - From cage to bedside: new approaches to the treatment of CKD patients
2009 Andy Rees (Austria) - Small vessel vasculitis - from humans to experimental models and back again
2010 David Salant (USA) - The antigenic target in membranous nephropathy
2011 Myles Wolf (USA) - Role of FGF23 in Adverse Clinical Outcomes in CKD
2012 Fiona Karet (UK) - Chasing Tails: Clinic to C-terminus
2013 John Feehally (UK) - Global Nephrology
2014 Caroline Savage (UK) - How can industry and academia collaborate to deliver clinical research?
2015 Robert Kleta (UK)  - Renal Fanconi syndromes
2016 Claire Sharpe (UK) - New therapeutic targets in renal fibrosis, how do we jump the barrier to clinical translation?

The Chandos Lecture

The Chandos Lecture of the Renal Association was established in 1976 with the support of the National Kidney Research Fund [NKRF],. The Chandos family have given great support to the renal community in this country over many years. The Honourable Anthony Lyttleton, the second Viscount Chandos, developed renal failure in the 1960s, and was treated by dialysis and subsequently received a renal transplant at Charing Cross Hospital under Professor Hugh de Wardener. Lord Chandos hosted the launch of NKRF (now Kidney Research UK) at Westminster in 1966, and until his death continued to use his considerable influence to promote the issues of renal disease and renal care in high places.

The Chandos  Lecture is  given at  the Renal Association  Annual Conference. It has been  delivered by a distinguished series of UK and international nephrologists and renal scientists.

Chandos lectures
1976 Larry Earley (USA) – The development of the concept of control of sodium reabsorption by physical factors
1978 Charles Cochrane (USA) – Mediation of glomerular injury
1980 Barry Brenner (USA) – The physiological basis of glomerular filtration
1982 Michael Mauer (USA) – The glomerular mesangium in diabetic nephropathy
1986 Saulo Klahr (USA) – The effects of urinary obstruction
1988 Ramzi Cotran (USA) – Endothelial activation in vascular injury
1991 Herman Waldmann (UK) – Prospects for transplantation tolerance
1992-5 No lecturers appointed
1996 Marc de Broe (Belgium) – Recovery from injury to the kidney
1998 Stuart Shankland (USA) – The role of cell cycle proteins in glomerular disease
2000 Mark Pepys (UK) – Prognostic and pathogenetic significance of C-reactive protein
2002 Peter Ratcliffe (UK) – Oxygen sensing
2004 Ram Gokal (UK) - Peritoneal dialysis
2006 No lecturers appointed
2007 Steve Harper (UK) - How the glomerulus works in health and disease - or so you thought
2008 No lecturers appointed
2009 Dontscho Kerjaschki (Austria) - Podoplanin - from podocytes and beyond
2010 Rob Horne (UK) - Supporting behaviour changes in patients with chronic kidney disease
2011 Fred Finkelstein (USA) - Quality of life on dialysis: The Patients’ Perspective
2012 Gerry Appel (USA) - What have we learned about the treatment of Lupus Nephritis
2013 No lecturers appointed
2014 No lectures appointed 
2015 Ken Farrington (UK) - End-of-life and palliative care in the dialysis setting
2016 Liz Lightstone (UK) - Pregnancy and Kidney Disease: the 3Ps

The de Wardener Lecture

The de Wardener lecture was established in 2004 in honour of Professor Hugh de Wardener (1915-2014), and one of the UK’s most distinguished nephrologists and clinical scientists. He was   President of both the Renal Association [1974-77] and the International Society of Nephrology [1969-72].

The first lecture was given by Professor de Wardener himself . From 2006 it   became a regular feature of the Renal Association Annual Conference, and chosen lecturers  have a distinguished record in clinical research related to renal disease.

de Wardener lectures
2004 Hugh de Wardener (UK) - Plasma sodium and hypertension
2005 Graham MacGregor (UK) - Salt - Neptune's gift?

Bryan Williams (UK) - The hypertensive heart


Pierre Ronco (France) - New insights into the pathophysiology of membranous nephropathy: a bench-to-bedside story

2008 Richard J Johnson (USA) - Uric acid, the metabolic syndrome and kidney disease
2009 Tim Goodship (UK) - Haemolytic Uraemic Syndrome
2010 Barry Freedman (USA) - New genetic insights in end-stage renal disease
2011 Hans Oberleithner (Germany)  - Sodium: Wolf in Sheep's Clothing 
2012 Peter Mathieson (UK) - Towards rational therapy for proteinuria
2013 Terry Cook (UK) - Conventional and molecular microscopy in renal transplant pathology
2014 Neil Turner (UK) - Alports and the structure of the glomerulus 
2015 David Jayne (UK) -  B-cell targeting in ANCA-associated vasculitis
Adrian Woolf (UK) - Kidney and urinary tract malformations: from the clinic to understanding molecular mechanisms and envisioning novel therapies



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