Education & Training


Chair: Dr Jeremy Levy

The Training and Education committee's aims are:
  • Review of educational meetings for RA approval and inclusion in eNews
  • Review criteria for CPD with Royal Colleges
  • Review of educational material for training and CPD for RA approval
  • Review of content and evaluations of RA Advanced Nephrology course
  • Develop annual CPD sessions for annual RA meeting
  • Identification of educational gaps in courses currently available
  • Training issues – curriculum, assessment
  • Ensure that education is available – courses, e-learning etc are appropriate for current and changing nephrology workforce
  • Ensure that renal education and training are available for non-clinical renal scientists
  • Review renal teaching to undergraduate medical students

Training and Education Committee membership

  • Chair: Dr Jeremy Levy 2013-2014
  • Dr Philip Mason (Specialty training; Workforce planning lead) 2009-2013
  • Dr Alison Brown (Women in nephrology; undergraduate curriculum) 2009-2013
  • Dr Pearl Pai (Training director) 2010-2013
  • Dr Jeremy Levy (Specialty school lead) 2009-2012
  • Dr Sunil Bhandari (Advanced Nephrology Course) 2009-13
  • Dr Paul Harden (Advanced Nephrology Course) 2009-13
  • Dr John Firth (Distance learning) 2009-2013
  • Dr Liz Lighstone (RA Exec member) 2010-13
  • Dr Chris Kingswood (Curriculum planning) 2009-13
  • Dr Robert Mactier (RA Exec, and Scotland) 2009-13
  • Dr Steve Riley (Wales) 2010-13
  • Heather Wilson (Renal Scientist) 2011-14
  • Dr Colin Hutchinson (Academic Trainee representative ) 2010-13 
  • Professor Lorraine Harper (Academic training represntative) 2010-13
  • Dr Maggie Fitzpatrick (Paediatric nephrology) 2009-13
  • Dr Madeline Vernon (SpR Rep) 2010-13 
  • Dr Mark Brady (Spr Club representative) 2010-13
  • Dr Jonathan Fox (Renal Speciality Certificate Exam) 2009-13 
  • Dr Peter Topham (Deaneries) 2008-13 
  • Dr Raj Thuraisingham (Consultant <10 years) 2010-13
  • Contact: Jeremy Levy, Hammersmith Hospital, London. Email:

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