Clinical Data Standards (formerly Terminology) Committee


Chair: Dr Afzal Chaudhry

The Terminology Committee was created in 2011, formed jointly between the Renal Association and the Renal Information Exchange Group, to advise the parent bodies and through them the UK Terminology Centre on all aspects of SNOMED CT codes relevant to the practice of Nephrology in the NHS. This Committee has since built upon the initial work, led by Keith Simpson, which led to Nephrology being the first medical specialty in the UK with a defined official SNOMED-CT subset.

In September 2015, recognising that in order to make the best use of information within renal services the setting of common standards is a key way forward, it was agreed at the Renal Information Governance Board that the Terminology Committee should evolve to become the Clinical Data Standards Committee. This new Committee was then given an extended remit to develop the standards for the appropriate coding and transmission of data (diagnosis, drugs, pathology etc.)  taking a steer from any national / international standards where they already exist. 

Once these standards are agreed they can be built into the procurement process for future renal / wider ICT systems and help to inform / steer upgrades. Additions, amendments and retirements of individual data items / types of data items can then be processed via the Committee and any sub committees / working groups as required.

Clinical Data Standards Committee membership
Start Retire
Chair: Afzal Chaudhry 2011
Terminologist: Ed Cheetham 2013
Colin Geddes 2011
Grant Kelly 2011
James Medcalf 2011 2017
Peter Rowe 2011
Keith Simpson 2011
John Stoves 2011 2017
Jamie Traynor 2011

Recent Activity


SNOMED CT - some background

SNOMED CT is a terminology system - an organised collection of standardised clinical phrases, that can be used to record the clinical details of individual patients so providing for a consistent understanding across healthcare domains. When used in software systems, having data coded using the appropriate SNOMED CT terms allows that same data to be transferred seamlessly between systems and enables features such as decision support and clinical alerts.

SNOMED CT is considered to be the most comprehensive, multilingual clinical healthcare terminology in the world. Internationally it is owned by the International Health Terminology Standards Development Organisation (IHTSDO). It sits alongside other coding systems already in use such as the classification systems OPCS-4 and ICD-10 which are used to categorise disorders and treatments. In contrast to terrminology data, classification data is used to support the identification of patient groups for activities such as clinical audit, business planning, and epidemiology; classification data cannot easily be used to record meaningful clinical details on individual patients.

There are currently approximately 700 items in the Renal Clinical Finding subset in the UK distribution of SNOMED CT, and a further additional 500 items which fall under the broader concept of 'Kidney finding'. The Committee continues to work on a quality control process to review, refine and update as needed each of these 1200 items from a clinical perspective. This will put the Renal community at the forefront of specialty based clinical terminology coding in the UK.

The Committee is also very fortunate to have had considerable support from the UK Terminology Centre in its work - now from Dr Ed Cheetham who has taken over from Dr Yongsheng Gao. As a Principal Terminologist, Dr Cheetham is one of the most senior terminologists working at the UKTC. There is a wealth of information on SNOMED CT available at the Technology Reference data Update Distribution (TRUD) website provided by the UKTC and there is some additional information available for download below to provide support for those wishing to learn more about SNOMED CT.

Finally, the following link below is to the SNOMED CT Implementation Showcase hosted by the IHTSDO and includes presentations from Drs Gao and Simplson from the committee. IHTSDO SNOMED CT Implementation Showcase

FileTypeSizeUploaded onDownload
SNOMED CT overviewPDF470.55 KB24 Aug, 2013 Download
SNOMED CT information 'roadmap'PDF289.85 KB24 Aug, 2013 Download
SNOMED CT browsers and terminology data September 2012PDF127.24 KB24 Aug, 2013 Download
CliniClue installation guide October 2012PDF1.43 MB24 Aug, 2013 Download

Revisions to the Terminology (incl. Rare Diseases)

The Clinical Data Standards Committee is currently accepting requests for new SNOMED-CT diagnosis terms and codes. (Requests should be made using the form available for download below). New codes may be required for a Rare Disease Group project but it is also possible to use this form to request help in generating diagnostic terms and their correct codes for any other research, clinical, educational or service development project.

FileTypeSizeUploaded onDownload
RVT 'Is A' mindmap SNOMED CT 2012PDF245.50 KB24 Aug, 2013 Download
RATG SNOMED Concept request form November 2012DOCX30.21 KB24 Aug, 2013 Download
CliniClue installation guide October 2012PDF1.43 MB24 Aug, 2013 Download

Minutes & Constitution

FileTypeSizeUploaded onDownload
Terminology committee minutes June 2012PDF92.83 KB24 Aug, 2013 Download
Terminology committee minutes February 2012PDF137.98 KB24 Aug, 2013 Download
Terminology Committee Constitution 2011PDF46.04 KB24 Aug, 2013 Download



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