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Reporting a renal patient safety concern to RA-BRS Patient Safety

Incidents and risks that have occurred to renal patients can be reported to RA-BRS Patient Safety via the reporting form below.

  • Incidents related to the care of renal patients
  • Incidents related to the use of renal devices or medicines
  • Risks that have been identified that potentially might cause harm

RA-BRS Patient Safety will, where indicated, discuss renal incidents and risk with NHS England and MHRA to ascertain whether similar issues have been reported to these organisations.

Please use this form for reporting renal patient safety concerns. This will go directly to Dr. Paul Rylance, RA-BRS Patient Safety Lead.  Please include as much detail as possible but DO NOT include patient identifiable information. If necessary more information can be exchanged at a later date over the secure NHS.net system.

Please click here to report a patient Safety concern to RA-BRS Patient Safety

Local reporting systems

All incidents that have caused or might potentially have caused harm to patients should always be reported via your local reporting system.

Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency (MHRA)

Any incident related to medicines or devices (equipment, disposables, computer equipment or software) should be reported to the MHRA by the Yellow form reporting form, via this link:

 Click Here

NHS England

Serious incidents, particularly related to failure of clinical practice, can also be reported directly to NHS England, via this link

NHS England    

Click Here





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