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RA-BRS Presentations and Publications

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Clinical Practice Recommendations for Use of Buttonhole Technique for Cannulation of Arteriovenous FistulaePDF653.95 KB18 Jun, 2016 Download
RCN Nephrology Newsletter- Summer2008PDF1.18 MB30 Jun, 2015 Download
ERA - RA - 2015 PosterPDF986.47 KB30 Jun, 2015 Download
Patient safety JRN paper - Jan14PDF314.87 KB30 Jun, 2015 Download
BRS Poster 2015PDF550.29 KB30 Jun, 2015 Download
Renal Association Patient Safety Project BJRM 2014PDF260.00 KB30 Jun, 2015 Download
BJRM Rylance 2014PDF277.19 KB30 Jun, 2015 Download
RA and ART guideline final version 20_01_12_1.sflbPDF1.06 MB22 Jun, 2015 Download
RA Patient Safety Project 5 years on 2013PDF1.06 MB22 Jun, 2015 Download
Patient Safety poster 2011PDF960.22 KB22 Jun, 2015 Download



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