Equal Opportunities in Nephrology Committee


Committee Chair: Dr Claire Sharpe

The Equal Opportunities in Nephrology Committee has been created as a result of the Renal Association’s commitment to support and develop equality of opportunity in nephrology in the UK. We hope to improve access to mentoring and career advice for female nephrologists, and encourage women in leadership.

We recognize that equal opportunities issues can apply to men as well, so although much of our initial focus will be on females in nephrology, the firm intention is not to be exclusive and to address equal opportunity concerns wherever they arise.

The EON Committee will liaise with and act as a conduit for exchange of ideas between nephrologists from all arenas which may be under- represented at leadership levels, and the RA Executive Committee.

We encourage anyone with any queries, requests for advice or suggestions for future initiatives to contact Claire Sharpe or committee members directly.

The EON Committee holds a lunchtime networking and information session at each annual conference.  In 2014 the session focused on employment issues when working less than full time.  An employment specialist from the BMA talked to us about common problems that arise and let us know about the rules and regulations in this area. 

Committee members:

Liz Lightstone
Alison Brown
Helen Clarke
Carr Sue
Jane macdonald
Lorraine Harper
Bhavna Pandya
Fiona Karet
Phil Mason
Mun Woo
Amanda Richardson 
John Woods


Recent Activity

The Equal Opportunities in Nephrology Committee has been actively involved in promoting mentorship for newly appointed consultants for the past 2 years.  Between July 2012 and July 2014 we have identified 67 newly appointed renal consultants across the UK and have contacted them offering help and support with finding a mentor.  This initiative has received extremely positive feedback and will hopefully help to nurture successful and productive consultants in the future.

At our committee meeting during Kidney Week in April we discussed new initiatives for the EON and we would like to offer support to nephrologists working in the UK who trained abroad.  If anyone is interested in helping out with this project please contact me on claire.sharpe@kcl.ac.uk

We are also currently busy building up a network of nephrologists who work less than full time.  If you would like to be included in this email group. please contact Helen Clarke on helen.clarke18@nhs.net

Claire Sharpe
Chair of the Equal Opportunities in Nephrology Committee
July 2014



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