Information regarding consultations to which the Renal Association is asked to respond

As a national specialist society representing nephrology in the UK, the Renal Association is frequently asked to nominate experts to respond to consultations. These requests require very significant time and effort from those who agree to reply on behalf of the RA, and invariably the response is requested within a very short time scale. We are extremely grateful to all those who have provided their expert opinion in the past and also the future!

We list below all the consultations (from 2014 onwards) on which the RA has been asked to comment on your behalf, and the details of the person who has kindly agreed to prepare the response. We do our best to publicise such requests via enews and Twitter when time allows -please feel free to submit any comments to the nominated responder (via when no individual email address has been given) for any consultations before the closing date.

The list below shows the name of the body requesting a response, the title of the consultation document, and the details of the person who has agreed to the request from the RA to reply on behalf of the RA.

Links to the final response submitted by the RA are also provided for information.



 NICE Management of common infections  Dr Chris Dudley    28th November
 NICE Chronic kidney disease (update) quality standard topic engagement exercise   Dr Paul Cockwell 7th November  
 Royal College of Physicians MHRA Devicbres Expert Advisory Committee
 Paul Rylance  
 NICE The NGAL test   Dr Nick Selby

Dr Lu Forni 
Dr John Prowle 
Dr Chris Laing 

  NICE  Lesinurad in combination with a xanthine oxidase inhibitor for chronic hyperuricaemia in gout [ID761]  John Sayer  




 NICE Etelcalcetide For Treating Secondary Hyperparathyroidism  Dr Helen Eddington   24/03/2017
 NICE Chronic Kidney Disease - Consultation On Draft Quality Standard
 Prof Paul Cockwell  28/03/2017
 NHS England De-Identification Data Items
James Medcalf
Fergus Caskey 
Afzal Chaudhry
 NICE Response submitted on Nice RRT Scope 
 Renal Association 01/09/2016 

NHS Improvement

Response Submitted on: National tariff: policy proposals for 2017/18 and 2018/19
John Bradley, Alison Brown,
Donal O'Donoghue, Graham Lipkin
 Royal College of Physicians Proposal for consideration by the Prescribed Specialised Services Advisory Group (PSSAG) Here is the response submitted
by the RCP, to which the  
Renal Association contributed

 NHS England Specialised Services clinical commissioning policies and service specification - 7th Wave - Renal Transplantation Service (Adults)
 Alastair Hutchison   10/04/2016
 NHS England National Patient Reported Outcome Measures Programme   Fergus Caskey  18/3/2016 
 NHS England  Specialised Services clinical commissioning policies and service specification - 2nd Wave    Indranil Dasgupta  06/3/2016
 NICE   Consultation on potential new indicators   Donal O'Donoghue   26/02/2016
 NICE  Improving supportive and palliative care in adults  Andrew Mooney   27/01/2016
 Royal College of Physicians  Medical care: core section one: Designing high quality services” (draft)    03/11/2015 
 The Renal Association  NICE draft guideline consultation - Care of the Dying Adult  Andrew Mooney  02/09/2015
 Think Kidneys  Minimum Care Bundle for patients with AKI in Hospital   Mark Brady  04/09/2015
 NICE  Transplant Immunosuppression  Graham Lipkin/Gareth Jones  
 NICE  Evidence Search Process and Methods Manual consultatio  Andy Lewington   14/10/2015
 UK Renal Association  Process of credentialing to enhance medical regulation and patient protection  Sue Carr  11/09/2015 
 Immunisation department at Public Health England    Matthew Olley  
 UK Renal Association  The EoLC Partnership  Edwina Brown   22/07/2015
 NHS England  Specialised Services - Policy and Specification Consultation      30/04/15
 NICE  Implanting a baroreceptor stimulation device for resistant hypertension[P1180]   Indranil Dasgupta  25/02/15
NHS England  Transferring services from NHS England to CCGs - Seeks views on moving responsibility for renal dialysis services and morbid obesity surgery services from NHS England to CCGs  Graham Lipkin  09/01/2015
  NICE  NICE Anaemia Guideline draft update Kidney Research UK final Jan 2015   Ian MacDougall  08/01/2015
 NHS England  A consultation on arrangements for the transfer of commissioning responsibility from NHS England to clinical commissioning   Graham Lipkin  12/01/2015
 RCP  Consultant physicians working with patients (working party,TBA)  Paul Warwicker, Clara Day  09/01/2015

NHS England

Draft Service Specifications for AKI

Chris Laing, Andy Lewington


NHS England

Draft Service Specifications for Peritoneal Dialysis

Simon Davies, Edwina Brown


NHS England

Draft Service Specifications : Preparation for ESKD

Paul Cockwell


NHS England

Draft Service Specifications : in centre HD

Clara Day


NHS England

Draft Service Specifications : Home HD

Clara Day



Draft acute kidney injury quality standard

Chris Laing


Proposed draft tariff prices for 2015/16: RA Response to Monitor, Appendix 1

Graham Lipkin



Quality standard for IV fluid therapy for adults in hospital

Andy Lewington



Highly Specialised Technology: Eculizumab for treating atypical haemolytic uraemic syndrome (aHUS) [ID703] Evaluation consultation document 2

Moin Saleem

 Gold Standards Framework RCGP  GSF Prognostic Indicator Guidance  GSF Feedback,NICE scope  Edwina Brown  12/09/2014


Immunosuppressive therapy for kidney transplantation in adults (review of technology appraisal guidance 85) [ID456]

Gareth Jones



 Single Technology Appraisal (STA) :Tolvaptan for treating autosomal dominant polycystic kidney disease [ID652]

 Albert Ong, Lukas Foggensteiner



Etelcalcetide for treating secondary hyperparathyroidism 
Etelcalcetide for treating secondary hyperparathyroidism 
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