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Chair: Dr Alastair Hutchison

The committee comprises regional (England) and national (Northern Ireland, Scotland and Wales) representatives who are clinical directors or lead clinicians in nephrology, plus representation from the BRS and BAPN. It arranges the annual UK Clinical Directors Forum and collaborates with other agencies interested in the provision of services, to examine and to highlight deficiencies in service provision. It is also home to the Renal Patient Safety Project run by Dr. Paul Rylance, and which has now developed into a joint venture with the BRS.

Clinical Services Committee membership

Chair: Alastair Hutchison
Graham Lipkin (Clinical VP)
Louise Wells (BRS)
Maarten Taal (BRS)
Chris Deighan (Scotland)
Jo Taylor (South)
Simon Fletcher (Midlands & East)

Ying Kuan (Northern Ireland)
Mick Kumwenda (Wales)
Sarah Naudeer (North)
Katie Vinen (London)
Daljit Hothi (BAPN)
Dr Paul Rylance (Patient Safety Project Leader) 

Contact: Alastair Hutchison:

Terms of Reference - Clinical Services Committee June 2013

Clinical Services Committee Meeting dates 2014

Thursday 6th February 5pm; Teleconference
Tuesday 29th April 1pm; Face to Face meeting at UK Renal Week, Glasgow SECC
Thursday 24th July 5pm; Teleconference
Thursday 6th November 5pm; Teleconference

Recent Activity

The 2014 Renal Clinical Directors' Forum, entitled 'Doing more, For less', was held in Manchester on the 21st March, and was attended by CDs from around half of the UK Renal Units.

Programme: National Renal CD Forum, Manchester 2014


Commentary on KDIGO glomerulonephritis guidelinesPDF44.70 KB Download
Renal flu plan - Revised 7th July 2009. Includes prescribing antivirals in ESRD.PDF220.56 KB Download
RA Working Party on Peritoneal Dialysis, Draft Report Jan 2009 (consultation now closed)PDF118.77 KB Download
Investigation of haemolysis on dialysis guidelinePDF73.98 KB Download
Clinical Services Committee Minutes May 2007PDF67.88 KB Download
Additional Influenza briefing note from the RA 23rd July 2009PDF66.67 KB Download

Presentations from the CD Forum 2012

Warwicker-Managing Dialysis Patients Ineligible for NHS TreatmentPDF408.66 KB Download
Timely ListingPDF1.18 MB Download
NHSkidneycare Bev MatthewsPDF515.59 KB Download
Mason-training numbers 2012PDF892.03 KB Download
Lipkin RA CD Forum ProgramPDF752.90 KB Download
Lewington-AKI Audit pathways commissioningPDF1.26 MB Download
Donal O’Donoghue RA CD Forum UpdatePDF813.41 KB Download
DamianFogarty_RR_CDs_March 2012PDF1.60 MB Download
Cockwell- CKD at the primary and secondary care interfacePDF1.14 MB Download
Brunskill-Home Therapy targets CQUINPDF139.23 KB Download

Presentations from the CD Forum 2011

Website version of Cockwell PresentationPPT1.44 MB Download
Raising awareness of acute kidney injuryPPT2.27 MB Download
RA patient Safety - CD Forum Mar 10 PPT2.00 MB Download
National Renal CD Forum 2011PPTX80.63 KB Download
Home HD Set-Up CostsPPT462.50 KB Download
Donal O'Donoghue_CD Forum_040311 PPT2.75 MB Download
Damian Fogarty CD forum PPTX2.93 MB Download
ATTOM presentation CDs meetingPPT442.50 KB Download

Presentations from the CD Forum 2010

The UKRR as a ‘whistleblower’ or guardian of quality in renal care - Charlie TomsonPPT1.65 MB Download
Taskforce Implementation – Progress and Results - Chris RudgePPT5.98 MB Download
Report from the Clinical Affairs Board PPT1.50 MB Download
Quality and Productivity in Kidney Services - Dr Donal O’DonoghuePPT7.24 MB Download
Medical Manpower Planning in Nephrology - Update 2010 - Dr Phil MasonPPT493.00 KB Download
Improving Patient Safety in Renal Units - RylancePPT2.72 MB Download
Home Dialysis – Operational and Financial Aspects - Roger GreenwoodPPT9.60 MB Download
Haemodialysis Associated Haemolysis - Lessons from the Northern Ireland Cluster - Dr Henry BrownPPT2.25 MB Download
Green Nephrology - Andy ConnorPPT3.86 MB Download
Consistent Implementation of the NSF for Renal Services - Beverley MatthewsPPT2.82 MB Download
CD Forum 2010 - Martin RafteryPPT4.58 MB Download
Acute Kidney Injury - Mark BradyPPT1.05 MB Download

Presentations from the CD Forum 2009

UK Renal Registry Report - Dr Charlie TomsonPDF525.18 KB Download
Towards a Best Practice Tarrif for Dialysis - Dr Donal O'Donaghue, Daisy WildPDF307.54 KB Download
Research Perspective from Industry - Dr Nick RichardsPDF104.51 KB Download
Research in Private HD Units - Dr Paul CockwellPDF241.13 KB Download
Research Funding in the New NHS - Dr Caroline SavagePDF720.79 KB Download
Organ Donation Taskforce - Dr Peter MurphyPDF3.87 MB Download
NHS Kidney Care - Bev MatthewsPDF174.37 KB Download
Medical Workforce Planning in Nephrology - Dr Phil MasonPDF315.56 KB Download
Managing Challenging Patients on Haemodiaysis - Dr Caroline WhitworthPDF41.88 KB Download
Early Kidney Disease and Vascular Checks - Heather WhitePDF294.94 KB Download
Clinical Affairs Board Report - Prof Kevin HarrisPDF185.42 KB Download
CD Forum 2009 - Dr Martin RafteryPDF26.61 KB Download

Presentations from the CD Forum 2008

Payment by Results 2 - Chris NewtonPPT198.50 KB Download
Payment by Results 1 - Chris NewtonPPT119.00 KB Download
NSF Update - Dr Donal O'Donoghue et alPPT1.84 MB Download
NHS(E) Next Stage Review - Stephanie SomervillePPT221.00 KB Download
Next Stage Review - Systems and IncentivesPPT78.00 KB Download
Nephrology KBA - Dr Jonathan Fox PPT77.50 KB Download
Home HD at 15% - Pro - Dr Roger GreenwoodPPT1.13 MB Download
Home HD at 15% - Con - Dr Martin RafteryPPT97.50 KB Download
CD Forum - Dr Martin RafteryPPT37.50 KB Download
CAB Report - Dr Kevin HarrisPPT308.00 KB Download
18 week pathway - Dr Lawrence GoldbergPPT180.50 KB Download

Presentations from the CD Forum 2006 / 2007

Report of a Joint Working Party on Vascular Access (September 2006)PDF618.57 KB Download
RA - RCP Edinburgh - Consensus Statement on Management of Early CKD (February 2007)PDF120.21 KB Download
NICE guidance on renal anaemia published (October 2006)PDF315.00 KB Download
Cheshire & Merseyside report with recommendations on patient transport (September 2006)PDF1.81 MB Download
Action Learning Sets interim report (June 2007)PDF513.18 KB Download



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