About the BAPN

The aims of our association are:

  • To set and to improve the standard of medical care of children with renal disease
  • To formulate and express opinions on policy concerning the care of children with renal disease.
  • To conduct clinical and scientific meetings in order to advance the knowledge and skills of doctors with responsibility for children with renal disease.
  • To conduct collaborative research and audit and to disseminate results.
  • To consider the training, continuing education and professional development of paediatricians with responsibility for children with renal disease.
  • We are a partner of the UK Renal Association

BAPN Officers (click on link for post description)

President David Hughes
President Elect Sally Hulton  
Secretary Yincent Tse BAPNsecretary@renal.org
Treasurer Shuman Haq
Research Secretary Rachel Lennon
Audit and Registry Committee Chair Heather Maxwell
CSAC Chair Kay Tyerman
Quality Improvement and Innovation Group Chair Jan Dudley
Communications Officer Dean Wallace
Clinical Service Committee Chair Carol Inward
BAPN SPIN Representative Mona Aslam
BAPN Ordinary Member Mordi Muorah
Trainee Representative Drew Maxted
Lay Representative Michelle Rossiter   

Previous Office Holders


2012  Jane Tizard
2009  Mary McGraw
2006  Mark Taylor
2003  Maurice Savage
2000  Robert Postlethwaite
1997  George Haycock
1994  Martin Barratt 
1991  Richard White


2013  Martin Christian
2010  Sally Feather
2007  Jane Tizard
2004  Heather Maxwell
2001  Lesley Rees
1998  Mary McGraw
1995  David Milford
1992  Robert Postlethwaite
1988  Kate Verrier-Jones
1984  Mike Dillion
1980  Mike Winterborn
1976  Ian Houston
1972  Martin Barratt


2013  Arvind Nagra
2010  Judith van der Voort
2007  Richard S Trompeter 
2002  Rodney Gilbert
1997  David Hughes
1991 Trevor Brocklebank

Audit & Registry Chairs

2012  Manish Sinha
2009  Carol Inward
2007  Jonathan Evans
2003  Chris Reid
2000  Jane Tizard
1997  Alan Watson

Research Secretaries

2012  Richard Coward & Sally Hulton
2007  Moin Saleem
2003  Nick Webb
2000  Adrian Woolf
1997  Godfrey Clark
1994  Jim Beattie
1986  Mark Taylor

Clinical Services Chairs

2012  Daljit Hothi
2007  Nadeem Moghal

SPIN Representatives

2012  Munir Ahmed
2009  Peter Houtman

College Specialty Advisory Committee (CSAC) Chairs

2009  Maggie Fitzpatrick
2004  Sally Hulton
1999  Mark Taylor
1994  Mary McGraw

Clinical Guideline and Standards Chairs

2009  David Milford
2006  Lesley Rees

Ordinary Members

2012  Mohan Shenoy
2009  Simon Waller
2006  Kay Tyerman
2004  Sally Feather

Trainee Representatives

2016  Louise Oni
2014  Hitesh Prajapati
2013  Jelena Stojanovic
2012  Sheetal Bhojani
2011  Wesley Hayes
2010  Helen Jones
2009  Hugh McCarthy
2008  Mordi Muorah
2007  Leah Krischock
2003  Martin Christian

Communication Officers

2016  Yincent Tse
2012  Andy Lunn
2009  Leah Krischock
2007  Eric Finlay

History of BAPN

BAPN The First Thirty Years

History BAPN pic

History of the founding of the BAPN by Professor Richard White. First meeting took place on 22 February 1973 in London

Notable past members

List of BAPN honorary members

Members who have made a significant contribution to advance our work are honoured. Click here for list.

Request for nominations are welcomed from all members. Please forward a citation to the BAPN secretary. They will be considered at the next executive committee before final consideration by members at the annual Winter business meeting.

Stewart Cameron


ERA-EDTA Master of nephrology interviews

Martin Barratt

Obituary. The Guardian newspaper


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