Clinical Standards In Paediatric Nephrology

BAPN Sub-Committee for Clinical Standards and Guidelines
Members 1/6/12:
Chair, and link to the RA CPG Committee

Dr Jan Dudley

Chair of the Registry Committee Dr Manish Sinha
Ordinary Member Dr Meeta Malik
Ordinary Member Dr Lyda Jadresic
Co-opted executive member of the BAPN executive Dr Daljit Hothi
The Communications officer for the BAPN Dr Andy Lunn
The trainee representative Dr Jelena Stojanovic


  • Standards are descriptions of clinical practice and patient outcome to which values and judgements can be attached either by professionals or lay people.  They are used to evaluate and distinguish good practice from poor. 
  • Guidelines are statements or pathways describing optimal contemporary clinical practice that are based on evidence and collective expert opinion, and generalisable to a group of patients. These are drawn up to assist clinicians in formulating treatment plans for an individual patient.
  • Advice on guideline writing can be found on the Guideline writing page.
  • Standards and guidelines together are tools linked to audit and research, and are used in the critical analysis of past practice and the setting of targets for the future.
BAPN guidelines in development (or being updated), and their respective leads
Peritoneal Dialysis Chris Reid

Peritoneal Dialysis Access

Carol Inward
Haemodialysis Daljit Hothi
Bone Metabolism Rukshana Shroff
Renal Transplantation - assessment of the recipient Jan Dudley
Renal Transplant - post-operative care Heather Maxwell
Anaemia Jonathan Evans

Guidelines open to consultation
None at present  

BAPN Guidelines, Standards and Documents
Standard: Renal Biopsy Farida Hussain
2012 audit centre questionnaire
2012 audit proforma
Standard: Hypertension in Renal Transplant Recipients Manish Sinha

BAPN Self-Assessment document - designed for self assessment to improve the quality of services for patients with ESRF and their families. The Quality Requirementsin the document are based on the National Service Framework (NSF) for Renal Services, the Children’s NSF and a range of other guidance.   

Patient Care Survey: Haemodialysis May be used to assess patient / parent satisfaction with dialysis and transplantation services within renal units, developed with the help of Dr Rees
Patient Care Survey: Peritoneal Dialysis
Patient Care Survey: Transplantation 
Care Plans NHS Kidney Care has kindly made the following care plans available to BAPN members.  These are modifiable documents that may be useful in planning the care of our patients, and are a written document that patients can keep with them. (Note, this file takes some time to download.)


Written by Lesley Rees, Rukshana Shroff, Sally Feather (adult leads Simon Davies, Robert Mactier)
Peritoneal Dialysis 


Useful Publications
Clinicial Comissioning Policy on Eculizimab for aHUS

BAPN, NHS Kidney Care and RCPCH Guidance on paediatric nephrology services: <a href="" title="Improving the standard of care of children with kidney disease through paediatric nephrology networks" sfref="[documents|OpenAccessDataProvider]3ae49b31-1815-6165-9443-ff000014d4d8">Improving the standard of care of children with kidney disease through paediatric nephrology networks

Clinical Commissioning Policy on Rituximab for AAV
The Management of acute bloody diarrhoea in children

NICE 2011 Rapid Update on the Management of Anaemia in CKD

NKF Dialysis Manifesto
Antivirals in children with renal failure (H1N1)
Growth monitoring in children with CKD

RA and BAPN Guidance on Transition, endorsed by the RCP and supported by the RCPCH
 Helping Adolescents and Young Adults with Established Renal Failure


BAPN NICE UTI Response Documents
The BAPN's response   
Collated Results Document   


NICE Peritoneal Dialysis: Draft Consultation
Draft Guideline
BAPN Response


Clinical Standards and Guidelines Meeting Minutes



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