RA Endorsement For Research Proposals

Guidelines for seeking Renal Association endorsement of research proposals.

The Trustees of the Renal Association are happy in principle to provide letters of support for research projects involving humans or human biological samples.

Principal applicants should provide the Association's secretariat (MCI) with the following information, preferably two weeks prior to the deadline:

- a copy of the draft scientific protocol
- a list of all applicants and their affiliations
- a one-paragraph justification of the study's importance to the renal community
- a one-paragraph justification of the study's importance to patients, if relevant
- confirmation of the stage of Ethical approval already reached, and plans if not yet in place
- confirmation of the PI's membership of the RA.

Any letters issued by the Association will be jointly signed by both Academic and Clinical Vice-Presidents, and must not be reproduced or used for any other purpose than the application to which they relate.


Sept 2014




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