Previous meetings of the Renal Association

Date Meeting
2014 Annual Meeting Glasgow (joint with The British Renal Society) 
2013 Annual Meeting Bournemouth (joint with British Transplantation Society)
2012 Annual Meeting Gateshead
2011 Annual Meeting Birmingham (joint with British Renal Society)
2010 Annual Meeting Manchester (joint with British Renal Society)
2009 Annual Meeting Liverpool (joint with British Transplantation Society)
2008 Annual Meeting Glasgow (joint with British Renal Society and Scottish Renal Association)
2007 Annual Meeting Brighton
2006 Annual Meeting Harrogate (joint with British Renal Society)
2005 Annual Meeting Belfast (joint with British Transplantation Society)
Autumn 2004 London
Spring 2004 Aberdeen
Autumn 2003 London
Spring 2003 Keele
Autumn 2002 London
Spring 2002 York
Autumn 2001 London
Spring 2001 Nottingham
Autumn 2000 Cambridge (50th Anniversary Meeting)
Spring 2000 London
Autumn 1999 London
Spring 1999 Dublin
Autumn 1998 London
Spring 1998 Bristol
Autumn 1997 London
Spring 1997 Cardiff
Autumn 1996 London
Spring 1996 Oxford (joint with Dutch Society of Nephrology)
Autumn 1995 London
Spring 1995 Newcastle
Autumn 1994 London
Spring 1994 Edinburgh
Autumn 1993 London
Spring 1993 Leicester
Autumn 1992 London
Spring 1992 Sheffield
Autumn 1991 London
Spring 1991 Birmingham
Autumn 1990 London
Spring 1990 Manchester
Autumn 1989 Amsterdam (joint with Dutch Society of Nephrology)
Spring 1989 Glasgow
Autumn 1988 London
Spring 1988 Belfast
Autumn 1987 London
Spring 1987 Exeter
Autumn 1986 London
Spring 1986 Leeds
Oct 1985 London
May 1985 London
Feb 1985 London



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