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PatientView gives patients direct access to live test results and other info via a secure Internet login. It is a project of RIXG. See the live system at - demo logins available from the foot of the page at demo, but note that these are limited (no letters, no Transplant status)

PatientView news: recent news is on the PV Blog - and you can comment on it there too. PV newsletters - see foot of page.

    Development and funding

    RIXG (the Renal Information EXchange Group) first met in July 2003, tasked with thinking how to make the best use of modern IT to improve information and care for kidney patients. Read more on the RIXG-patientview site.

    Which systems where?

    See which units have PV on this map. Almost all renal electronic patient record systems in use in the UK now have an interface or are developing one:

    • Proton - any Proton system can be interfaced with PV, regardless of platform or version. All interfaces so far have been provided by Vitalpulse.
    • Vitaldata - from Vitalpulse (since 2006)
    • eMED - from Mediqal (since 2007)
    • iSOFT's Clinical Manager has been interfaced in Salford and at Guy's St Thomas' (both 2007). Both are local implementations, we can put you in touch if helpful.
    • RenalPlus from Collaborative Health Informatics (CHI) (since 2008)
    • Local systems - e.g. QEH Birmingham (2009).
    • Clinical Vision from CCL (both CV4 and CV5) (2011)

    There really should not be an obstacle as long as you can extract results and disease/treatment codes.

    Development is in progress for:

    • Cybernius

    PV's info links

    How we choose our information links - click for a description of the methods we use and the RIXG group assembled to select them and keep them under review

    You can review all of our information links as used on the PatientView site.

    Resources for units joining PatientView

    • The first thing you need is permission from your local Caldicott Guardian and data protection officer. Use the document "How PV meets Caldicott and data protection requirements" (download from the foot of this page) together with patient sign-up form, leaflets, and some PV newsletters (also downloadable below).
    • DOCUMENTS for enrolling, etc - see foot of the main PV info page
    • Information and FAQs for Unit Admins about how to get started and run the system
    • A note on safe passwords from the Unit Admin's page
    • Boxes of patient leaflets, and a staff leaflet, and publicity posters, are available (see contact info below), but you can see pdf files of the patient leaflet Part a and Part b (600+400kb), and a pdf of a patient info poster (670kb) here.
    • We can also send you a poster that you can modify to publicise PV at local professional meetings.

    Information for renal IT system suppliers

    You can download the XML schema that we use for data transmission to PV at the foot of this page. A sample XML file (often more useful) is also provided. We also have a webpage showing the full supplier specification for PV, but a login is required - please ask us for one, see contact info below.

    Contact information

    PV is managed by a small steering group which calls on other expertise as necessary and which reports to RIXG. Contacts are:

    • Neil Turner (Renal Association) Tel 0131 242 9167,
    • Keith Simpson (Scottish and UK Renal Registries), Tel 0141 211 4946,
    • Leaflets, posters, and more info from Fiona Braddon at admin (at), or telephone 0117 323 8209.
    • Vitalpulse - contractor for Proton extractions in Phases 1-3
    • Solidstate- contractor for web solution

    The best place to comment on this page is perhaps the PV blog

    RPV News

    RPV news Sept 2011PDF311.87 KB Download
    RPV news December 2005PDF2.32 MB Download
    RPV news August 2006PDF549.70 KB Download
    RPV news April 2008PDF1.07 MB Download
    RPV news April 2007PDF172.51 KB Download

    Documents for local units

    Withdrawal form and info for patients GroupDOC36.50 KB Download
    'Welcome patient' letter (modifiable) - to send out with loginDOC35.50 KB Download
    'Welcome GP' letter (modifiable) to send out with loginDOC35.50 KB Download
    How RPV meets Caldicott and data protection requirements (June 2010)DOC192.00 KB Download
    Enrolment form (modifiable to add your local contacts etc)DOC50.00 KB Download

    Information for suppliers

    XML schema for RPV, version 4.5 (17 August 2011) XSD17.24 KB Download
    Sample XML file for updating RPV (11 March 2009)XML5.65 KB Download



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