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  • 19 Apr

    17th International Vasculitis and ANCA Workshop

    This will be held in London on 19-22 April 2015.  This meeting aims to bring together healthcare professionals and scientists to hear about the latest advances in the field of vasculitis and, for the first time, will also include contributions from patients.  The website for the meeting is  www.vasculitis2015.org
  • 01 May

    NIHR Clinical Study Group: PD Research Day

    There is an open invitation to this meeting for anyone interested, or who would like to submit an abstract.  The cost for the day is £30.  Louese.Dunn@sth.nhs.uk is the point of contact for anyone who is interested.  It will be held at the medical education centre at the Northern General Hospital Sheffield.

    For the full agenda please click here. 
    To access the registration form please Click here.
  • 05 May

    Applied Renal Physiology 2015

    A modular course for clinicians and scientists

    This unique UK course aims to integrate physiological principles with day-to-day clinical practice and to update on recent developments in basic renal physiology. It features formal, introductory lectures each day and interactive clinical case presentations applying “thinking physiology” at the bedside. It is intended for both clinicians and scientists - trainees in Nephrology, General (Internal) Medicine and Intensive Care Medicine, Consultant Nephrologists and General Physicians, and those working in veterinary medicine and non-clinical grades. For more information, please visit http://www.ucl.ac.uk/nephrology/teaching/applied-renal-physiology-course or alternative please e-mail Med.Cfnevents@ucl.ac.uk

  • 07 May

    Asia Pacific Cardiorenal Form 2015 - Save the date

    As you may be aware 2015 will see the Asia Pacific Cardiorenal Forum come to the Sydney, Australia. The mission of the Asia Pacific Cardiorenal Forum is to raise awareness and direct much needed attention to the clinical commonality that exists between patients with a primary cardiovascular or renal condition. This biennial Forum will bring together clinicians that are involved in the treatment of these patients with a view to furthering of education, sharing of knowledge all working towards future improved patient care.

    For further information click here or visit the website http://cardiorenal.com.au/

  • 08 May

    Kidney Education Network 4th Specialist Meeting

    K.E.N. offers a multidisciplinary renal education and research forum. The programme brings together a diverse range of research methodologies, their practical application and translation into practice. We would welcome abstract for poster presentation. Registration £40.

    The meeting programme and registration can be accessed via the following link: https://www.mededcoventry.com/courses/renal/
  • 13 May

    ISFA. Apheresis Congress

    ISFA 2015 will be taking place in Cancun, Mexico on May 13-16, 2015. Congress website is: http://isfacongress.com/

    ISFA banner_with website (2)
  • 19 May

    2nd Leeds Critical Care Nephrology Course

    The 2nd Leeds Critical Care Nephrology will be tacking place on Tuesday 19 May 2015.

    Please Click Click here to download the application form.
  • 27 May

    52nd ERA-EDTA Congress

    To find out more information on the 52nd ERA-EDTA Congress please visit the website at http://www.era-edta2015.org


  • 05 Jun

    Thrombotic Microangiopathies - Tomorrow's answers, today...

    Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons of Glasgow is organising a Thrombotic Microangiopathies - Tomorrow’s answers today symposium which is being held in college on Friday 5th June 2015.
    Please Click here for the programm and please Click here for a registration form.
  • 10 Jun

    Dialysis 2015

    A comprehensive course on dialysis and the management of patients with end-stage renal failure

    This is a comprehensive course on dialysis and the management of patients with end stage-renal failure. The management of end-stage renal failure by dialysis forms a central component of all renal units. However, it is often the least intensively taught component of nephrology training. This course is a thorough introduction to dialysis, from basics to new developments. Our expert faculty provides comprehensive coverage of all aspects of dialysis and ESRF through a mixture of informal lectures and workshops. The course is aimed at Specialist Registrars in nephrology, but is also of interest to other healthcare professionals involved in the management of patients with chronic renal failure. For more information, please visit http://www.ucl.ac.uk/nephrology/teaching/dialysis or alternatively please e-mail Med.Cfnevents@ucl.ac.uk

  • 30 Jun

    BHS Nurses & AHP Working Party

    Key Topics:

    • Patient Assessment & Investigation - NICE/BHS Guidelines
    • Nurse-led Care in Hypertension
    • Non-pharmacological Treatment & Lifestyle Advice
    • Drug Treatment of Hypertension
    • Workshop: Clinic, Ambulatory & Home BP Monitoring
    • Hypertension in Diabetes
    • Hypertension in Renal Disease
    • Rapid Control of Hypertension
    • Specialist Hypertension Clinic


    Flyer attached or click here to download
  • 03 Jul

    The use of bioimpedance in patients with kidney disease

    This meeting hopes to bring together industry, academia and clinical practice to review the principles of bioimpedance, look at current applications and discuss how it can best be utilised in research and as part of improved patient care. We are keen for anyone who has used, or plans to use bioimpedance for research or as part of routine practice to consider submitting an abstract for presentation and discussion on the day.

    Confirmed speakers include:

    - Prof. Daniel Schneditz (Medical Univeristy of Graz)

    - Prof. Simon Davies (University of Keele/North Staffs)

    - Dr. Jamie Macdonald (Bangor University)

    - Dr. Elizabeth Lindley (Leeds Teaching Hospitals Trust)

  • 13 Jul

    National Gitelnan and Bartter Syndrome patient and family support day

    The second National Gitelnan and Bartter Syndrome patient and family support day will be held in London on July 13th. The day will be a mix of talks, Q/A session, breakout groups, with patient stories and experience-sharing featuring prominently.

    Please Click here for more information.
  • 14 Jul

    The Management of Anorectal Pelvic Floor Disorders

    Pelvic floor disorders form a large part of the workload of the colorectal surgeon. This hands-on course, using unembalmed cadaveric material, provides further training, both theoretical and practical, for the middle-grade to senior trainee in this important area of coloproctology.

    There will be the opportunity for supervised training in surgical techniques on unembalmed cadaveric material in a clinical field that is often overlooked during the training process. The aim is to provide trainees with the background to the nature of these disorders and to demonstrate both conservative and surgical approaches. Trainees will learn how to investigate these problems, the limits of these investigations and have an opportunity to experience a variety of approaches.

    Link to more information/registration: https://www.rcseng.ac.uk/courses/course-search/the-management-of-anorectal-pelvic-floor-disorders 


  • 20 Jul

    International Summer School of Renal Pathology - ISSRP 2015_20th - 31st July, Bari, Italy

    The fourth CME accredited International Summer School of Renal Pathology – ISSRP 2015 will take place in Bari (Italy) from 20th to 31st July 2015.

    The course is endorsed by the Renal Pathology Society (RPS), the International Society of Nephrology (ISN), the European Renal Association-European Dialysis and Transplant Association (ERA-EDTA) and the Italian Society of Nephrology (SIN).

     The ISSRP is a two week intensive program for pathologists and nephrologists interested in learning renal pathology. The program includes basic concepts in renal pathology, formal lectures on native kidney diseases, transplant pathology and molecular nephropathology. In addition, several hours a day are dedicated to review of cases (independently and with the instructor). Approximately 200 cases are included in the curriculum, electron microscopy practice with the instructor, histology, immunofluorescence and immunohistochemistry and LCM laboratories (hands on).

     A scholarship fund and a Travel Grant fund are also available.

     Applications should be submitted electronically through the websitewww.issrp.com by May 1st, 2015; whereas, scholarship applications should be sent to secretary@issrp.com by April 1st, 2015.

    For more information on the school, please visit the website www.issrp.com or click here.

  • 20 Aug

    Renal Biopsy Cadaver Course

    Following two successful courses, this one day cadaver course will once again run in the state of the art, Clinical Anatomy Skills Centre (CASC), based within the University of Glasgow.

    Organised by the Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons of Glasgow and run by two Consultant Nephrologists and a Consultant Radiologist, this course is ideally suited to trainees who will be expected to carry out renal biopsies or core medical trainees intending to apply for renal specialty training. 

    For more information on the Renal Biopsy Cadaver Course please Click here.
    Please Click here to download the registration form.

  • 09 Sep

    The 3rd NephroTools International Conference

    The 3rd NephroTools International Conference, entitled “The Kidney: Development, Disease and Regeneration”, will be held at the University of Liverpool on Wednesday 9th – Thursday 10th September 2015.

    The conference is being held in conjunction with a half-day GUDMAP workshop on Tuesday 8th September 2015 (www.gudmap.org)

    These two meetings will include world-renowned speakers from the United States, Australia, Brazil, Israel and Europe.  We anticipate the meeting will attract 150+ UK and international delegates who are working in cell biology, physiology and cell imaging. (www.kidneyconference.com)

    The workshop will include ‘hands-on’ sessions using the GUDMAP and CellFinder technologies while the conference will include sessions on

    • Kidney development.
    • In vitro culture systems: directing stem cell differentiation and monitoring physiological and pharmacological properties.
    • Medical devices and imaging strategies for monitoring kidney anatomy and function in vivo.
    • Evaluating the efficacy of stem cell therapies in preclinical models.

    Early-bird rates are available for registration before 31st July, although registration will not be open until February.

    Fuller details are available at www.kidneyconference.com

  • 09 Sep

    The Kidney: Development, Disease and Regeneration

    On Wednesday 9th - Thursday 10th September 2015 The 3rd NephroTools International Conference, entitled "The Kidney: Development, Disease and Regeneration" will be held at the University of Liverpool. 

    The conference is being held in conjunction with a half-day GUDMAP workshop on Tuesday 8 September 2015 (www.gudmap.org)
  • 10 Sep

    Supportive Care for the Renal Patient 2015

    This annual meeting on renal supportive care is on September 10th and 11th at the Hammersmith Hospital.  This year, the meeting is focusing on the frailty/palliative care interface and will include presentations of recent research and small group discussions to enhance networking between renal and palliative care healthcare professionals.  Further details can be found here and registration is at www.w12conferences.co.uk
  • 21 Sep

    Management of Chronic Kidney Disease

    A four day course introducing the underlying scientific background, pathophysiology and clinical management of people with chronic kidney disease. Optional accreditation leads to a Masters level Postgraduate Award.

    Please click here for the PDF with full details of the event.

  • 28 Sep

    II-International Caparica Conference on Urine Omics & II-International Caparica Conference In Translational Nephrology

    To find out more information on the II-International Caparica Conference on Urine Omics & II-International Caparica Conference In Translational Nephrologyplease visit the website at click here or Click here to access the event flyer.
  • 22 Oct


    Immunomodulation of Cardio-Renal Function 

    Hypertension and vascular disease are important consequences of chronic kidney disease (CKD), and they are major contributors to its high morbidity and mortality. The link between inflammation in CKD and cardiovascular disease (CVD) is widely recognized, but its pathophysiological basis is still unclear, as is the relationship of inflammation in CKD to innate and adaptive immunity. In this symposium we will focus on cardio-renal pathophysiology and its links with immunopathology and inflammation.

    To register and for information, please visit http://www.isnforefronts.org/shenzhen/program

    For the PDF prgram please click here
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