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The Renal Association is the professional body for United Kingdom nephrologists (renal physicians, or kidney doctors) and renal scientists in the UK.

From its foundation in 1950, the Renal Association has been active in promoting and disseminating research that may ultimately improve outcomes for patients with kidney disease. The Association has also taken a leading role in the education of clinicians and scientists interested in kidney disease. More recently, it has become more active in issues around training of doctors and the planning and development of clinical services. The Association has become increasingly aware of the importance of healthcare delivery by a multidisciplinary team and is affiliated with the British Renal Society, the umbrella organisation for healthcare and patient organisations with an interest in kidney disease.

In January 2010 The British Association of Paediatric Nephrology became a division of The Renal Association.

The objectives of the Association are:

  • To advance, collate and disseminate knowledge of renal structure and function
  • To seek means for the prevention and treatment of renal disorders
  • To deal with any matters concerning the welfare of patients with renal diseases and the organisation of services for their relief 

Legal Status The Renal Association is registered in England & Wales as Company 2229663, limited by guarantee and registered as charity number 800733.

Officers and administration

The Association has an elected President and Vice Presidents. The Honorary Secretary and Honorary Treasurer are appointed. The Executive Committee has eight additional elected members, and includes the immediate past President and representatives of various bodies.The full membership can be accessed by clicking this link Executive. Day to day affairs are conducted with advice from committees;clinical issues are  addressed by the Clinical Affairs Board and academic and research issues by the Academic Affairs Board.

The Renal Association AGM is held at the annual conference. The Annual Reports listed below give a summary of the year’s activities and include the financial report from the Honorary Treasurer.

Strategic Plan

The Trustees undertook a review of the Renal Association’s future objectives and developed a strategic plan. Prioritisation of the key objectives for the Renal Association, as outlined in this report, has resulted from reflection on the changes within the Association, consideration of current and future challenges for our organisation and its members, and prediction of factors that might enable or constrain our ability to deliver successfully in a reasonable timeframe. We have been mindful of the need to reconsider the objectives should the external environment dictate. The process of strategic planning took place in parallel with a series of discussions with the British Renal Society (BRS) around the topic of future joint projects. Delivery of some of the Renal Association’s objectives will require engagement of the broader multidisciplinary team and will only be achievable through better alignment of the two organisations.  Please download the Strategic Plan from the Download List below.  

Honorary members

Honorary members are elected by the membership in recognition of outstanding contribution to British nephrology generally, and to the Renal Association in particular.


Honorary Members


Honorary Members

M Dillion

A Howie

R Bailod

A Murphy

R Postlethwaite

M Barratt

S Rigden

G Arneil

S Cameron

T Brocklebank

J Smellie

M Taylor

R Trompeter

M McGraw

K Verrier-Jones

A Watson

R White

T Chambers

C Chantler

M Coulthard

L Jadresic

P Houtmann

E Ritz

T Feest

D Kerr

N Mallick

C van Ypersele

D Williams

G Williams

W Asscher

J S Cameron

S Peart

JP Grunfeld


Strategic Plan

FileTypeSizeUploaded onDownload
Final Version of Strategic Plan March 2015PDF98.25 KB10 Apr, 2015 Download

Annual Reports

FileTypeSizeUploaded onDownload
2016 Renal Annual ReportPDF4.19 MB09 Jun, 2017 Download
2015 Renal Annual Report PDF5.32 MB08 Jun, 2016 Download
2014 Renal Annual ReportPDF1.95 MB26 May, 2015 Download
2013 Renal Annual ReportPDF1.50 MB25 Apr, 2014 Download
2012 RA Annual Report PDF859.74 KB24 Aug, 2013 Download
2011 RA Annual Report PDF4.08 MB24 Aug, 2013 Download
2010 RA Annual ReportPDF5.47 MB24 Aug, 2013 Download
2009 RA Annual ReportPDF8.44 MB24 Aug, 2013 Download
2008 RA Annual ReportPDF8.41 MB24 Aug, 2013 Download
2007 RA Annual ReportPDF3.40 MB24 Aug, 2013 Download

Annual General Meeting

FileTypeSizeUploaded onDownload
2017 AGM Minutes PDF612.96 KB17 Jul, 2017 Download
2016 AGM Minutes PDF1.05 MB04 Aug, 2016 Download
2015 AGM MinutesPDF1.02 MB30 Jul, 2015 Download
2014 AGM MinutesPDF654.76 KB04 Aug, 2014 Download
2013 AGM MinutesPDF289.48 KB04 Apr, 2014 Download
2012 AGM MinutesPDF222.45 KB24 Aug, 2013 Download
2011 AGM MinutesPDF133.75 KB24 Aug, 2013 Download
2010 AGM MinutesPDF103.33 KB24 Aug, 2013 Download
2009 AGM MinutesPDF82.31 KB24 Aug, 2013 Download
2008 AGM SlidesPDF371.61 KB24 Aug, 2013 Download
2008 AGM MinutesPDF47.39 KB24 Aug, 2013 Download
2008 AGM AgendaPDF48.74 KB24 Aug, 2013 Download
2010 Extraordinary General Meeting MinutesPDF60.61 KB24 Aug, 2013 Download

Financial Reporting

FileTypeSizeUploaded onDownload
The Renal Association Financial Statement for the year ended 31 dec 2014PDF725.47 KB26 May, 2015 Download
The Renal Association Financial Statement for the year ended 31 dec 2013PDF676.38 KB29 Apr, 2014 Download
The Renal Association Financial Statement for the year ended 31 Dec 2010PDF1.86 MB04 Apr, 2014 Download
Treasurer Report 2009PDF36.61 KB24 Aug, 2013 Download
Finance Report 2009PDF5.27 MB24 Aug, 2013 Download
Expenditure and Income Chart 2009PDF540.33 KB24 Aug, 2013 Download
The Renal Association Financial Statement for the year ended 31 dec 2011PDF1.73 MB04 Apr, 2014 Download



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